Tri-Towns Pharmacy


Tri-Towns Pharmacy is independently owned by partners Gerard A Herpel, P.D. & Linda Harshbarger. We pride ourselves in the professional care and courteous service we give to our patients and customers of the Tri-Towns area

We have same day delivery to the following towns:

  • Westernport, Luke, and Bloomington (Maryland)
  • Swanton and Kitzmiller (Maryland)
  • Barton and McCoole (Maryland)
  • Piedmont and Keyser (West Virginia)

Call 301-359-3778 by 2PM weekday afternoons and have your prescriptions or other pharmacy items delivered to your door or ready for pick-up at our drive-up window.

Tri-Towns Phone:  301.359.3778       
Tri-Towns Fax:   301.359.8096